Features of Whatsapp video calling vs Facetime application

Whatsapp video calling vs Facetime application

WhatsApp has officially launched the video calling, and the feature is now being rolled out to all the operating System Android, iPhone, and the Windows users. Updated WhatsApp with support for video calling for Android and iPhone has officially been released, so the user just simply needs to update the feature to make their first video call. If the user iOS or Android device is not set to receive automatic updates, or if they are not sure if WhatsApp has been updated, simply go to the App Store or Google Play store and check for updates which are available.

How to get WhatsApp video calling feature:

The WhatsApp video calling feature was recently introduced by the company officially for Android and Windows device. To allow WhatsApp video calling feature simply, follow these steps to enable the WhatsApp video calling on the Android device:

Whatsapp video calling vs Facetime application

  • Open the Google Play and search for the WhatsApp
  • Open WhatsApp’s Google Play listing
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • In the content, there is written, that says Become a beta tester tap on I’M IN.
  • Confirm on the next screen and wait for a several minute
  • Come back to WhatsApp listing page on the Google Play
  • Then the user must see an option to Update WhatsApp to beta version
  • Update the app
  • And now finally enjoy the video calling feature of the WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp video calling:

  • The app allows video calling with the low data usage facility.
  • The user can do the WhatsApp at any time.
  • The video calling is allowed on 2G, 3G, 4G and the wifi.
  • The user can make video calling to the person to who is sitting at the other corner of the globe.

Facetime has a built-in video calling feature which allows the users to make a video call with their family and friends. This app is mainly built for iOS devices but now it is available for all the operating system platforms.

Features of the Facetime application:

  • The facetime is the Best Video and Audio Calling Application and is also loved by the millions of people around the globe.
  • There is no network problem occurred while having the video calling.
  • The application supports the High Definition Video Calling Feature
  • Natural and Smooth both the Audio and Video Calling
  • There is no technical knowledge required to use the FaceTime Application video calling feature.
  • It is free of cost and that makes it the preferred choice for the international calls.
  • The application has a very simple user graphical interface, which makes it user-friendly to use.
  • If the user wants to show the person at the other end what they are seeing, then they can make use of their primary rear camera through the Facetime application.
  • It allows making a video conference calls with a group of friends at the same time.


Whatsapp video calling is just introduced by the company officially so sometimes, the app starts showing bugs in video calling but the facetime is merely built with the video calling feature so this application is loved by the millions of people and this application comes as a default application in an iOS device.

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