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Super Mario Run is a newly launched game developed for Android and IOS platforms. This amazing game was created by Niantic Inc, who has founded the most interesting realistic game, Pokemon Go.

Since Super Mario Run is a new game that has come in the market; you will definitely want to know more about the gameplay. In this post, I will give you detail information about this interesting gameplay and the exclusive features. If you are interested to know about Super Mario Run game, then keep reading this post ahead.

About Super Mario Run gameplay:

This gameplay is all about earning coins and progressing toward the ultimate goal. So, you have to be very swift in tapping and controlling the gameplay with your finger. The entire gameplay consists of three gaming modes which you have to complete one after another.

In the first mode of the gameplay seems to be quite challenging as you have to compete with different courses. The second mode of the game you are required to compete for the data which were completed earlier by others.

Finally, in the third mode of the game, you can use your collected coins build your own Mushroom Kingdom. This game is absolutely interesting and adventurous at the same time that will not make you bore.

In the game, the Mario is the main character, who normally uses bubbles to go to the next level. In case Mario falls in any kinds of a situation like falling in a pit, damage caused by a fatal blow or some other reasons, Mario can get back to its earlier level and continue the game.

Gameplay mode of Super Marino Run:

Super Marino consists a mode called Toad Rally where you can challenge other players to a race to collect the coins. In this mode collecting more coins means recruiting more Toads and this mode is the most interesting as well. This is also the finest medium to unlock all the feature of the game.

How to download Super Mario Run app on your Android Device?

Super Mario Run is an absolutely flexible gaming app which you can download on your Android and IOS devices. However, let me tell you the process to download Super Mario Run on your Android device. You will need to download the app in Apk format on your Android Smartphone. For downloading on your Android device, you can just tap on the following link below.

How to install Super Mario Run app on your Android Device?

Now, after downloading the app successfully on your android Smartphone, you can install the app easily on your device. For installing the downloaded Apk file, on your Android Smartphone you can go with the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to your device “Settings” and open the “Security” option.
  • Within the Security option, you will find the “Application” section.
  • Under the Application section, you will find the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Open the Unknown Sources option and turn it ON.
  • You can now navigate on your device “File Manager” and search for the downloaded Apk file.
  • After you find the downloaded Apk file, just tap on it twice and for installing.
  • Now the app will start getting installed automatically on your Android device.

You can now open the Super Mario Run app from your Android Smartphone and start enjoying this excellent gameplay.

How much does Super Mario Run cost?

The game is absolutely free to download and install but to access and enable all the features of this game, you will need to unlock the contents of the game. So, for unlocking some of the beneficial features of this game you have pay sum of money. However, the executive of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima said that children are free from any kinds of payment and can enjoy playing this game in free.


Super Mario Run is an excellent gameplay that you can play on your Android Smartphone, by easily downloading the app from the given link above. I am pretty sure that you will definitely like this new game launched by the Niantic group of company. If you are game lover then you must try this new game which is yet to get launched on your Android.

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