How to Protect Your Smartphone from virus or spyware

Protect Your Smartphone: Any device with internet access can be infected with a virus or trojan with ease and that includes both tablets and Smartphone. In computers, whether desktop or laptop, it is common to install an antivirus to protect the system and delete the infected files, but the mobile phone is not very common use.

The main objective of computer virus is not affecting the usability of the smartphone, that is, not often ‘die’ by a malware infection. However, hackers seek to obtain personal information through spyware files that collect all data from the phone and report to an external server.

Steps To Protect Your Smart Phone:

Thus, especially for users who have synchronised their bank or email accounts synchronised with the terminal, we recommend installing an antivirus application that detects and protects your device.

Depending on the Smartphone operating system ( Android or IOS) find different programs:

Android: In-store devices, Google Play, there are several applications for the protection of the terminal. Avast! Mobile Security, Kaspersky Mobile Security or Dr Web Anti-Virus is the most downloaded.

IOS: For iPhone, in any version, we must go to the App Store, a platform that collects all applications approved by Apple. Here the demands are Norton Antivirus, McAfee Global and Lookout Mobile Security. The last one also allows us to locate the phone.

As for Nokia devices that have an operating system of Windows Phone, these terminals do not require the installation of an antivirus because according to list the official forums of the company, before the Information downloaded the Zune program that examines whether the files are corrupted.

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