KingRoot Apk Download for Android, Windows PC [Latest Version]

Many a time people look out for rooting application for their devices. Rooting is usually done to free up space of preoccupied applications. Though rooting is not recommended as it kills the warranty of the device but seeing the benefits of rooting a device it is supposed to be carried out with utter patience and techniques.

There is lots of application available over the internet for the rooting purpose of android Smartphone, KingRoot is one such application. KingRoot is primarily built for rooting your android device. For the purpose of rooting any android devices, this application is the best to use.

KingRoot Apk Download for Android:

KingRoot studio is the developer and maker of this application and this application is available for free from various third party market or android market. This application is a very small tool and is very compact in size.

The android devices which can be rooted using the application are from version android 2.2 to android 6.1. This rooting application is not only available for android but it is also for PC users. KingRoot is an application which lets users root their android devices in a matter of seconds. This rooting application doesn’t require a higher version of android and can be even used on the lollipop version.

kingroot apk

Even the android rooting app is in Chinese but it is very easy to root using this application. Users just have to press the blue button and the rooting of the device automatically starts. The most important part of using this application is that it can be used for all the android devices.

Features of Kingroot Apk:

Though the rooting process is very delicate but with the help of KingRoot apk it can be easily done. But the important thing to keep in mind before rooting your android device is rooting have some risk involved along with it and should be performed cautiously.

  1. One click root: the rooting of your android devices using this application is very easy and simple. To perform rooting user just have to download the apk and install on their smartphone. After installing the apk on your device just click on the root button and the rooting process will take place. After this, your device will be successfully rooted.
  2. Free to download: KingRoot is an absolutely free application and can be downloaded from any android market or third party store without paying anything. It is available for mobile devices as well so there is no need to connect your smartphone with a computer for rooting.
  3. No connectivity required: this rooting application doesn’t require any internet connection for rooting android devices. Once you have downloaded the application on your android device and installed on your device you don’t need any internet connection after that. This is the most important feature of this rooting application which makes it more useful than the rest other rooting application which also completes the rooting process in just one click.
  4. Data is purely safe: rooting your android device with the KingRoot application you don’t need to worry about the loss of your important android data because with this application your data is very much secured. All your personal data like music, pictures, contacts etc. will not be affected by the use of this application.
  5. Purify app: the speed of your device increases after getting rooted with this application. This rooting application enables users to perform many tasks including the removal of pre-installed system apps of the device. After the completion of rooting, one can feel the speed of the devices faster and it also increases the battery life of the device.


The installation process regarding the KINGROOT apk is simple and easy. The installation process is similar to the other app and is very user-friendly. The following are the steps related to the installation of the apk:

  • There are plenty of websites which provide the apk for this app. Choose a trusted website to download the apk for KINGROOT. Download from the trusted websites as its reliable and doesn’t have any bugs.
  • After downloading the apk, click for the installation this application. The user will see a notification of installation block as the install is done from the third party sources.
  • To correct the settings and for allowing the installation from unknown sources on your device. Go to the settings and search for the security settings. Then browse to the option of device administration and choose the option of unknown sources. Click to allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Now, click on the install button of the apk. The installation process will start.

After the successful installation of the KINGROOT apk user can find an icon of KINGROOT on the home screen of their device.


This is the best rooting application for the android user. It is very compact and very simple to use and doesn’t need to be connected with a computer or with an internet. So if you are thinking to root your android device then go for it using the KingRoot apk.

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