New iPhone 8 2017 to include Wireless Charging Feature

Wireless Charging Feature will be Added to iPhone 8

Apple has been working in the long range wireless charging which is a new technology. There is a rumor that this technology will be added in the upcoming iPhone 8. Long range wireless technology means you can charge your phone by placing the phone 20m away from the charger. The distance is very high and new technology for it.

There is some destruction while adding the new technologies in the iPhone 8. There will be a loss of huge power transfer efficiency while doing this. Actually, there will be the distance between the transmitter and the receiver is smaller than it needs lesser power loss while it increases the power loss also increases. So, this problem causes the battery those stay away from the charging source are going to charge more slowly than before.

Wireless Charging Feature will be Added to iPhone 8:

Apart from this, there are even big rumors like iPhone 8 is being made up of wireless charging. iDropNew covered this story and says that the iPhone upcoming series is going to have wireless charging. They are already on the way with Energous and Dialog Semiconductor which helps to use this technology. So, iPhone 8 is completed as per the date and there will be an edge to edge display and complete modern design. The leaked pictures say that Bezels have been completely removed and the edge-to-edge display has been wrapped up. According to iDropnews iPhone 8 could feature curved plastic OLED Display & New Touch Technology.

Wireless Charging Feature will be Added to iPhone 8

According to the Apple manufacture devices and the partner, Foxconn is currently busy in the developing of charging modules. So, they are in the preparation of new Apple series. So, there is, even more, the happiest news is that the iPhone is planning to add the wireless charge feature to all upcoming models of iPhone. Now it will be added to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Apart from that iPhone 7 Plus has an exclusive camera.

Apple has bought new engineers who work on wireless charging technical field in this month and that says us that they are working on this feature to add in the upcoming year. You might know that the Apple has been removed the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 model.

Now, this wireless charging technology will be added in iPhone 2017. Apart from that the iPhone 2017 is going to have the glass case bodied because the wireless charging functionality is ultimate where the aluminum doesn’t accept the charge fast.

There is news reported that the Apple wants to get the wireless charging chips then they are looking for suppliers. The news even reports that the wireless charging feature can be enabled through the using the case or with any other iPhone product, you can’t build it into iPhone.

You might know the manufacturing partner of iPhone Foxconn is also testing the wireless charging modules which will be intended in 2017 iPhone. We need to wait whether these features will be added in the upcoming models of iPhone. Foxconn is ready to boost the yield rate.


So, finally, here we will say that the new iPhones will have the wireless charging feature in upcoming years and they may include in the 4.7-inch model and 5.5-inch mode. Finally even in the OLED model.

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