How to Connect Wireless Routers – Step by Step Process

How to Connect Wireless Routers

Router is a very important device that helps us to connect various devices to each other, and it also helps us to connect our device to the internet. The main thing about the router is that they are of different brands, but the method of connecting them is same. So here I am going to show you how to connect the wireless routers. The methods that I am going to provide you will be applicable to any type of router that you are using in your home.

How to Connect Wireless Router:

If you have an internet service provided has given you the modem, with an activated internet connection, then this process will be pretty simple. Following are the steps to connect your router.

How to Connect Wireless Routers

  • First, you have to turn on your modem.
  • Then unplug Ethernet cable of your modem from the computer.
  • Then connect the internet port or WAN to the router.
  • Then press the power on button and wait for two minutes.
  • Then take another Ethernet cable and connect the router to your PC.
  • After that turn on the Computer.
  • After you have connected your router to the PC, you would be online.

If the router is set up use DHCP and it automatically assigns an IP address to your computer. And if this thing happens correctly then you would online. If you are using an ISP-supplied router instead of a modem, then it is a bit difficult to connect it.

First, you have to connect it to the router by reconfiguring the ISP router to operate in bridge mode. That means that the old route doesn’t do anything to network traffic and just forward it to the new router. This process can be done by you, or you can go to the service provider to do this for you. When the router is in the bridge mode, only you have to follow the above guiding to get your router online.

The above-shown process is the easy way through which you can connect your wireless Router. Both of the processes are needed for the two different ways of connection. And now I believe it would be easy for you to connect your router.

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