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whatsapp download for ipad

Whatsapp is considered to be the most popular instant messaging application. And with the addition of facility of video calling the app has become more powerful than ever. The main thing is that it doesn’t cost you any money for sending text, images or video to any part of the world.

In this article, we will learn how to install and use WhatsApp app on iPad for free and that too without jailbreak of the device. This instant messaging app is available for all the operating system and almost all the Smartphone. But alas this application is unavailable to use on iPad.

So in this article, we will know the way to download WhatsApp app directly to your iPad and that too without jailbreaking. Recently WhatsApp was acquired by facebook and the features of WhatsApp were immediately enhanced. Now WhatsApp user can do free voice and video calls using the WhatsApp application easily.

In iOS, this application is available for iPhone users but not for iPad users reason being that WhatsApp need a phone number to run but there is no option of sim card slot in iPad. But no worries this can easily be tricked and used in iPad devices.  Just follow simple steps given below and you can easily download this application on your iPad devices.

Install WhatsApp on iPad:


To install the Whatsapp application on your iPad you will need some devices and some software. The following are the things needed for the download of WhatsApp app on your iPad device.

  • A computer or laptop with operating can be anything either Mac or windows operated computer.
  • IFunbox app to be downloaded for the Mac or windows PC of yours.
  • An iPhone, if you don’t have one ask for it from your friend and you have to delete the already installed WhatsApp on your iPhone device. It is necessary as for verification and exporting WhatsApp will be needed on the iPhone device also.
  • And at last, you are definitely going to need iPad device over which you want the WhatsApp application to be installed.
  • A working network connection, 3 G, 4G or wifi network for downloading various files and software from the internet.

These are few basic necessary items needed before installing the WhatsApp application on your iPad devices without a jailbreak. We will now see the download and installation procedure of WhatsApp over the iPad devices.

Downloading and installing steps for WhatsApp app on your iPad device:

The steps related to the installation of WhatsApp on iPad without jailbreaking the device are as follows:

  • Connect your iPad devices with your windows or MAC PC or laptop.
  • Go to iTunes and download the WhatsApp application on your computer or laptop.
  • When installing the app on your computer enter the password if required.
  • Then you have to find the .ipa file of WhatsApp on your computer. For finding the WhatsApp.IPA file follow the simple pattern

For the MAC computer users, follow these patterns:

Go to Home >Music >iTunes >iTunes Media >Mobile applications >Whatsapp.ipa


For windows user, follow these patterns:

Go to C drive >users >username >my music >iTunes >iTunes media >mobile applications > whatsapp.ipa

  • After finding the WhatsApp drag it to the desktop.
  • Now open the iFunbox and click on the button of install app.
  • Here you will see the WhatsApp.IPA file, click and open the file.
  • This will now install the WhatsApp app on your iPad.
  • Now on your iPhone delete the WhatsApp which was already installed on your iPhone. If it was not installed previously, then simply install the WhatsApp app on your iPhone from the app store.
  • Now follow the regular process of registering your mobile number by entering your mobile number and verifying it with the text message code.
  • Once completed the process, go back to your computer and connect your iPhone device and unplug your iPad device.
  • From your iPhone device go to User applications>whatsapp>and then copy the library and documents files to the desktop of your system.
  • Disconnect the iPhone out from your computer and reconnect the iPad back into your computer device.
  • Again carry out a simple pattern of steps in your iPad, go to user applications and open the folder of WhatsApp and then delete document and library folders and also copy the two files from the desktop, hence replacing them.
  • You have successfully installed the WhatsApp app on your iPad device.


So these are the following easy steps for getting the WhatsApp app on your iPad without jailbreak of the device. Whatsapp is the most famous instant messaging application needed to be there on every device. So download and install the app on your iPad devices and enjoy.

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