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Kik For PC - Download Kik Messenger for Windows PC / Mac

Kik Messenger is the instant email program used by millions of people around the world on their mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Symbian is free, no cost and we also have alternatives to using Kik Messenger for PC. Kik offers instant email and text and also enables users to share photographs, sketches, voice messages and other content. The system requires each user to register a username as identification.

Kik is a messenger app that enables you to connect to people’s online and you can use this app by having your device connected to the internet. Kik is an amazing platform that enables users to connect with friends and even to peoples whom you don’t know. Kik is almost similar to Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat, etc but you don’t need any phone number to contact with your desired ones here.

This application just enables you to meet new friends, and you can share pictures, videos, games and much more with this app. So, Kik messaging app is completely flexible and user-friendly which you can now easily get for your Android, Windows, and IOS operating system. To know more about the features and login procedures of Kik, keep reading this post till the end.

Features of Kik:

There are various impressive features that Kik has come up with and some of them are as follows:

Kik For PC - Download Kik Messenger for Windows PC / Mac

  • You can easily create an account to start using Kik messenger by registering yourself in the official website of Kik.
  • Set a profile picture of your personal account and then start chatting with people’s instantly.
  • You can create a group within the Kik app by adding some of the peoples you want and then make a group conversation.
  • The conversation history is saved within the app, and you can check it out anytime and there is a provision for both individual and group chat.
  • Kik app has a Kik bots which are easy to operate and use in a group chatting to make the conversation more creative.
  • You can send emojis, GIF’s, pictures easily through Kik to anyone easily.
  • The Kik app is easy to set up and easy to exchange messages and interacting with Kik bots is also easy.
  • You will receive a notification when your message is sent successfully and when you receive messages as well.
  • You can now exchange videos with anyone and make your conversation more peculiar and interesting.
  • You can meet new friends and make friends with them within the app itself by exchanging messages.
  • There are various interesting stickers which are available in Kik messenger app, and you can use those stickers to make your chatting more lively.
  • When you have several things to say in a row, chat bubbles will appear which will group it together for you.

How to Login to Kik?

To log into Kik application, you first need to have your own account, and for creating an account you can follow some of the steps mentioned below:

  • You can go to the official website of Kik through your internet browser, where you will find a registration page.
  • Now, you will be required to enter a username, password, email ID and profile picture of your own.
  • You can download the app or else you can access the app by logging it from your browser as well.
  • So, your account is set up already and you can log in to your account by entering a password which you have created for the account.

Download Kik Messenger for Windows PC:


Since your mail application was created for mobile devices, even there is no official application for computers, but it is not something that can be solved using a free emulator on your computer. For PC users, you can follow the given steps below to log in the app without downloading the app:

  • First of all, you need to have an Android emulator BlueStacks which will do most of the things for you.
  • Now open your BlueStacks and download the latest Kik Messenger Apk and sign up for a subscription.
  • You can now upload the Kik Apk file to BlueStacks and choose a screen resolution which you are comfortable with.
  • Launch the app using the “Launch With” button and search the Kik Apk to let the uploading commerce.
  • Now a green icon will appear and you can log in to the messenger with your username and password.
  • You can now sync your accounts through multiple devices and start chatting with your favorite friends.
  • So, you can now contact to your favorite people through your PC, without downloading the software.


There is no doubt that Kik is an amazing messaging platform and it is one of the most advanced messaging platforms which you can get for improving your connection with friends. I hope you liked some of the features that I mentioned above in this post and the login steps as well. So, if you find the app useful, then you can easily follow the procedures mentioned above and experience its awesome messaging service.

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