Advanced Search Tips For Hotmail or Outlook Account

Sometimes in a pool, no an ocean of emails. Looking for the right fish is such a chore. Are you having trouble finding a specific mail or a chain of emails in your Hotmail message list?

Use this article, to find out how to search for that one (or several) pieces of emails so that one troublesome email doesn’t get misplaced ever again. Open your Internet browser of choice.

Advanced Search Tips For Hotmail:

Visit the Hotmail website.Sign in with your username and password credentials if you aren’t already signed in.Click the link “Go to Inbox” which is strategically positioned underneath “Hotmail Highlights” in about the center of the resulting web page.

Locate the listing of messages you have on the screen. Most of the way over to the left on top of the folders, you’ll see a search box.

Use the search box described in the previous step. Type in whatever search term you want to use, or you can type in a to-address or a contact name. One of several other terms. You can also type in a Bing web search term, to further search the web, if you don’t find the intended message in Hotmail/your Windows Live account.

Scroll through the list, until you’ve found your specific search term. Press Enter to begin your search. Allow a few seconds for Hotmail to search your Inbox, as well as all your other folders for messages with the intended search setting-terms displayed in the box. Look over the list, to see what results you’ll need to grab or take action with. It is a lengthy process. But do try it.

How to Delete Folders in Windows Live HOTMAIL Account?

Folders in emails are very useful in sorting and organizing our messages. We can identify our emails through the folders which we can rename as per subject or content of the emails. Sorting and keeping emails are very important as well as deleting unimportant files. These folders can actually make deleting files

Here’s How:

  • Go to your email.
  • From the folders you created as seen on the left side of the screen, you can point the mouse on the folder you wish to delete.
  • Right click to show the options and click DELETE.

Deleted folders will be moved to DELETED ITEMS folder which will be permanently deleted after a certain time. You may also retrieve the deleted files from this folder as long as you will retrieve them before it gets permanently deleted. Folders don’t need to be empty before you delete it. Just follow the step and you are good to go.

However, there is also an option wherein you can delete the contents of the folder (EMPTY FOLDER) and keep the folder for new emails to sort. This option is good in deleting old emails or junk emails all at the same time. You don’t have to create the same folder if you will use it for the same purpose.

How to delete multiple emails in HOTMAIL Account?

For a lot of people, email is one of the easiest ways to communicate to a lot of people from any place in the world. Email is not just used in professional ways but also in sending normal messages. Also, email is famous for subscriptions nowadays.

People subscribe to a certain product to update them or give new information. With all those subscriptions and emails from anyone and everywhere, we tend to keep and clutter our email with different messages. Some are spam or junk, some are old emails and some are just confirmations. While some are good to trash. Deleting emails can be tedious at times. But there are simple ways to delete multiple messages.

If you wish to delete selected emails you may follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to inbox

Step 2: However you mouse to the message you want to delete until you see the box next to the sender’s name and click the box.

Step 3: Do step 2 to all the emails you wish to delete. Limit to at least 50 emails when deleting multiple messages.

Step 4: Click DELETE option found on the upper part of the messages. It is next to NEW and alongside with the other options.

All deleted emails are forwarded to the DELETED ITEMS folder. You can still retrieve the messages until such time they are permanently deleted from your account.

TIP: Make sure you double check your messages before deleting them.

Hotmail SpamTips to stop your emails being marked as spam

DING! DING! DING! Oh no, It is only the start of the morning, the sun not even out yet. And yet without that beautiful view on the sunshine on your window pane, you already woke up to the sound of what is suppose to be and should be an important email. But nope, It is not that email you were expecting from the company you applied for two weeks ago. And guess what ? it is not from your mom or anyone important. People, it is just another spam mail. Yes, the one that just really bugs you almost on an hourly basis on your daily routine.


The Good thing is, we now have a way to deal with it. You can always filter your messages. Through your email services. We will talk about Hotmail this time. It is called junk mail filter. Junk mail because of it just JUNK. Set the Junk Mail Filter to “Standard”. To configure the spam filter: Click settings gear icon in Select Options from the menu that has appeared. Follow the Filters and reporting link under Preventing junk email. Typically, make sure Standard is selected under Choose a junk email filter. ?Select Exclusive if you want to disable’s spam filter essentially and rely on your safe sender’s list alone; all email not from a sender you have either thus approved or added to your address book will be treated as junk and moved to the Junk folder. After all, that, Click Save.