How to Connect Wireless Routers – Step by Step Process

Router is a very important device that helps us to connect various devices to each other, and it also helps us to connect our device to the internet. The main thing about the router is that they are of different brands, but the method of connecting them is same. So here I am going to show you how to connect the wireless routers. The methods that I am going to provide you will be applicable to any type of router that you are using in your home.

How to Connect Wireless Router:

If you have an internet service provided has given you the modem, with an activated internet connection, then this process will be pretty simple. Following are the steps to connect your router.

How to Connect Wireless Routers

  • First, you have to turn on your modem.
  • Then unplug Ethernet cable of your modem from the computer.
  • Then connect the internet port or WAN to the router.
  • Then press the power on button and wait for two minutes.
  • Then take another Ethernet cable and connect the router to your PC.
  • After that turn on the Computer.
  • After you have connected your router to the PC, you would be online.

If the router is set up use DHCP and it automatically assigns an IP address to your computer. And if this thing happens correctly then you would online. If you are using an ISP-supplied router instead of a modem, then it is a bit difficult to connect it.

First, you have to connect it to the router by reconfiguring the ISP router to operate in bridge mode. That means that the old route doesn’t do anything to network traffic and just forward it to the new router. This process can be done by you, or you can go to the service provider to do this for you. When the router is in the bridge mode, only you have to follow the above guiding to get your router online.

The above-shown process is the easy way through which you can connect your wireless Router. Both of the processes are needed for the two different ways of connection. And now I believe it would be easy for you to connect your router.

How to Login iCloud Account on Mac, iPhone, iPad, iOS

While iCloud is implied to be used mostly on your apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac, times might develop when you’ll require access to your mail or schedule from a public computer. Perhaps your iPhone is dead and you have to use a friend’s computer, or you’re on vacation and do not have mobile information, however, there is a net coffee shop or incurable nearby. In any case, you can swiftly and conveniently access mail, contacts, schedules, and much of the other iCloud services from any kind of web browser just with the help of iCloud login.

How to access iCloud mail together with contacts, schedules, and extra from any kind of web browser?

  • Launch any kind of web browser on any type of computer.
  • Go to
  • Log in to your iCloud account.

With iCloud on the web, you even have access to Files in the Cloud which suggests that Numbers spreadsheet you were working with from your iPad is likewise readily available in your iCloud account online. This will also help in synchronizing your photos and other media with the help of iCloud Photos.

Recognize much more concerning the Types of Info Synced Through iCloud

While lots of people may have seen the television commercials from Apple, they are still unfamiliar with the benefits of iCloud Storage and ways to use it. Comprehending and customizing the details synced on your tools will assist keep your important info as much as a day on all your gadgets.

icloud login


You should have an e-mail address for this to work correctly. If you don’t have an address, it can be gotten for free, ideal for your device.

Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders

Allowing these options enables your Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders to be synced to all your gadgets. If you upgrade something on one tool, it is instantly updated on all your various other gadgets.


Setting the Safari option to ON will sync book markings and tabs across all tools. To see tabs from other devices, open Safari on one gadget and pick the icon at the end of the web page that looks like an open book.


Passbook maintains your airline company boarding passes, movie tickets, retail vouchers, commitment cards, and gift cards are done in one place. The promo code can be redeemed by scanning the iPhone or iPod touch at the point of use.

Photo Stream

Allowing Picture Stream permits you to share photos across all your gadgets. Images taken on one device are instantly offered on all other devices. You can also create different Image Streams to share with others.

Find my apple iPhone

This service enables you to find a tool if it gets shed. Enable Find My iPhone on each device. You cannot situate a gadget if this option isn’t really set to the ON position.

iCloud Storage and Back-up

Picking this item gives access to the storage space and Backup options. Making it possible for the Backup feature will immediately backup your data to iCloud.

Showbox App Download For PC, Windows (7,8,8.1) & iPhone

Showbox is one of the best applications for broadcasting programs and movies that are on the market. This application has a large repertoire of shows and movies on demand as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and much more, plus you can see them not only online but you can also download them. Definitely, a great application that will be available from your Smartphone and now Windows.

One of its main features is its library of content making it stand out against other applications besides it is not an application of pay. Its interface is very easy to use so find your chapters of Game of Thrones quickly and smoothly. You can choose the image quality according to the needs of your team.

There are many streaming applications programs but due to copyright not many offer a large catalog, which is why Showbox apk is one of the best to this day, its content is large and contains many of the most popular programs plus all that and more now have available on your PC making it a great entertainment system without paying as other applications.

Showbox For PC or Laptop On Windows 8/8.1/7:

The software which I was talking about to run apps is usually called Emulator, here we are emulating the Android apps so, we’ll call it as Android emulator. The best one among so many emulators is BlueStacks.

Uses of BlueStacks: One is free of cost and the second thing is its miniature size resulting to a quick download. You can click on the below link to download this software.

Download Showbox For Laptop/PC In Windows 8.1/8/7:

We can’t install this Showbox app straight off. First, we need to download the Apk file of Showbox and then install it with BlueStacks. So, first do the download of Apk file, this is a file of less size (2 MB) and free for downloading. Do download the Apk file and come back here again for the rest of the process. Click on the below link download Apk file.

Now follow below 2 steps to do the installation of Showbox:

1) Open the Apk file with BlueStacks (BlueStacks Apk Handler).

2) If you do the above step, Showbox will be automatically installed in BlueStacks.

Showbox App Download For Windows PC/Laptop:

  • After installing this app in your BlueStacks, now see how to open or use Showbox app in your laptop or computer.
  • Look at this single step to open Showbox.
  • To open Showbox, walk into all apps and you’ll perceive the app there. Check out the below two images.
  • Those are the two quite simple steps to open or run the Showbox application. There is nothing to do, just giving a click.

Now Showbox can be used in our computer or laptop very easily. Probably said you can also use and download Showbox for iPhone, Mac PC, and iPad.

That’s it, now you are ready to use Showbox. I believe you’ve made it easy to download Showbox for PC on Windows 8.1/7 or Windows 8 laptop. Also don’t miss out the chance to download Showbox on Mac, in case if you use Mac. If you want to inquire anything or give advice’s about this topic, you can post your views in the form of comments below here.

Please do share our article with your friends and family, if you have successfully downloaded and installed Showbox on your PC windows.

Showbox for iPhone:

if you are a user of iPhone then you can download this Showbox for iPhone, all you need is you should download the blue stacks app and Showbox apk file from the above article and use it.

New iPhone 8 2017 to include Wireless Charging Feature

Apple has been working in the long range wireless charging which is a new technology. There is a rumor that this technology will be added in the upcoming iPhone 8. Long range wireless technology means you can charge your phone by placing the phone 20m away from the charger. The distance is very high and new technology for it.

There is some destruction while adding the new technologies in the iPhone 8. There will be a loss of huge power transfer efficiency while doing this. Actually, there will be the distance between the transmitter and the receiver is smaller than it needs lesser power loss while it increases the power loss also increases. So, this problem causes the battery those stay away from the charging source are going to charge more slowly than before.

Wireless Charging Feature will be Added to iPhone 8:

Apart from this, there are even big rumors like iPhone 8 is being made up of wireless charging. iDropNew covered this story and says that the iPhone upcoming series is going to have wireless charging. They are already on the way with Energous and Dialog Semiconductor which helps to use this technology. So, iPhone 8 is completed as per the date and there will be an edge to edge display and complete modern design. The leaked pictures say that Bezels have been completely removed and the edge-to-edge display has been wrapped up. According to iDropnews iPhone 8 could feature curved plastic OLED Display & New Touch Technology.

Wireless Charging Feature will be Added to iPhone 8

According to the Apple manufacture devices and the partner, Foxconn is currently busy in the developing of charging modules. So, they are in the preparation of new Apple series. So, there is, even more, the happiest news is that the iPhone is planning to add the wireless charge feature to all upcoming models of iPhone. Now it will be added to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Apart from that iPhone 7 Plus has an exclusive camera.

Apple has bought new engineers who work on wireless charging technical field in this month and that says us that they are working on this feature to add in the upcoming year. You might know that the Apple has been removed the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 model.

Now, this wireless charging technology will be added in iPhone 2017. Apart from that the iPhone 2017 is going to have the glass case bodied because the wireless charging functionality is ultimate where the aluminum doesn’t accept the charge fast.

There is news reported that the Apple wants to get the wireless charging chips then they are looking for suppliers. The news even reports that the wireless charging feature can be enabled through the using the case or with any other iPhone product, you can’t build it into iPhone.

You might know the manufacturing partner of iPhone Foxconn is also testing the wireless charging modules which will be intended in 2017 iPhone. We need to wait whether these features will be added in the upcoming models of iPhone. Foxconn is ready to boost the yield rate.


So, finally, here we will say that the new iPhones will have the wireless charging feature in upcoming years and they may include in the 4.7-inch model and 5.5-inch mode. Finally even in the OLED model.

Download Hike for PC, Windows 7/8, Android and iPhone

Hike messaging app is one of those Messaging Apps that is available free of cost. Hike messaging app is a cross-platform messaging service. This app is similar to other messaging apps as well but the main advantage of this app is that it will allow messaging to your friends even if they have not installed the App on their smartphone. This feature will help for the users to chat with their friends even if they do not have the internet connection.

Hike is the best and the most popular free messaging app for the smartphone users. This is the best alternative application for Whatsapp online texting service. The hike app was officially launched in December 2012 and now it has more than around 35 Million monthly active users. Hike provides the secure instant messaging service and you can also able to attach any type of videos and files of 100 Mb each. It also allows the user to chat with offline hike users and you can also send free SMS to Non-Hike users across the India. The user can use regional stickers to express their feeling which makes their conversation more exciting and interesting.

Features of Hike:

  • HIKE DIRECT: Chat and share files without using the internet and zero data charges in the classrooms, while traveling, pretty much anywhere within 100 meters range of a friend! Just open a chat, go to the 3 Dot menu and click Hike Direct to use this amazing feature.
  • HIDDEN MODE: An awesome and amazing feature which allows the user to hide all their private chats from the world and access them only with a password! The user private conversations are now protected and secure from anyone who takes their phone.
  • 5000+ FREE STICKERS: Why say when the person is angry when you can show it? When words can’t express it, say it with hike amazing stickers! Share hundreds of awesome, hilarious and fun stickers with your friends! With the wide and the largest collection of Indian regional stickers in over and around 30 regional languages, say more with stickers in your language!
  • SHARE DOCUMENTS & FILES: Why email when you can send practically anything and everything on Hike! Send unlimited messages of many kinds of non-media documents and files of any format and size like PDF, ZIP, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, APKs, MP3s and much much more!
  • GROUP CHATS: Create groups of friends with up to 1000 member so the user can easily stay in touch with those who matter them most!
  • CHAT THEMES: What is a romantic date without even a romantic candle-light dinner? Boring! With the exclusive two-way chat themes, set the mood to pour your heart out. The user can set their chat theme according to their preference.
  • FREE HIKE CALLS: Talk as long as the user wants with their friends and family using the hike with HD sound quality. Calls are made over 2G, 3G, 4G & Wi-Fi in around 200 countries!
  • FREE GROUP CALLS: the hike application provides conference calls up to 100 people at once!

Download Hike for PC:

You just have to follow these simple guide perfectly to install the hike messenger for PC. Officially the Desktop version of Hike is not released so you need to use the Bluestacks app player on the PC. Bluestacks is the free android emulator which helps the user to run their favorite mobile application on the PC.

  • First, let’s download and install the Bluestacks application for PC from the official website.
  • After installation of the app open the Bluestacks app player.
  • Now search for “Hike” in Bluestacks search bar which is merely located in the top left corner of the Bluestacks.
  • Now the user sees the Hike application, click on it and then tap on install button.
  • Wait for few seconds the Hike application will download and install in the Bluestacks automatically.

After completing the above procedure successfully then just go to Bluestacks application > All Apps and click and hike app and start using the best online texting service on the computer.

Download Hike for Windows (7,8) Using the Android Apk:

If the user faced any difficulty to install or Download Hike for PC using the Bluestacks app player, then they can complete the installation using this Android apk application method.

  • Install and Open the Bluestacks app player on the PC.
  • Now search for the “Hike.apk” in Google and download the apk file or the user can download Hike Apk file directly from the hike official website
  • After that double tap on the downloaded file, if it does not work do right click of the mouse and open with Bluestacks manually.
  • This Hike app will install itself in the Bluestacks application player.
  • Now the user has successfully installed the best free messaging app on their PC. Just go to Bluestacks application and start using their favorite hike app which provides the secure instant messaging service.

Hike download for Android:

hike for android

  • The user has to firstly go to the Playstore of their android device.
  • After that, open the play store of the device, the user has to search for the hike app in the search box.
  • The first option which comes is the official hike app.
  • Just simply open it and tap on install. It hardly takes few minutes to download.
  • Now enjoy, using hike on the android device.

Hike download for iPhone:

  • Firstly, the user has to go to the app store on their iOS device.
  • The next step for the user to search for the hike app in the search box.
  • The very first search result which comes is the official hike app.
  • Just open it and tap on install. It takes a while to download.
  • Now enjoy, using hike on the iOS device.

The Hike application is the fastest growing messaging application with over 30 millions of active users. The hike application provides free of cost to its users. And is made by the Indian’s youth.

5 Best Free Video Calling & Chat Apps for Android Devices

As the technology advanced, communication became easier as well as more fun. From the times of handwritten letter to thumb-typed texts, things changed drastically within a short span of time. And now are the times of online video chats.

Who would want to waste time choosing the right emoji after writing a long text, when you can just see each other and talk face to face? But that said, the true fun of video calling resides in the application you use for it.

Cause, of course, you would definitely not want your video chat to be like still pictures switching every 10 seconds or more! And not only the flow but the video clarity, ease of use etc. also play equally important roles.

Moreover, when it comes to Video calling through an Android phone, we have quite a great range of options. So, why not choose the best when you have a choice?

Following is the list of 5 best Video calling applications for the Android platform:

  • Hangouts:

It’s Android of course. How can we place any app above the official Hangout app?There is undoubtedly no doubt about this app being the first in this list. Hangout is pretty much relevant to what its name suggests. When it comes to Android, it is the best app one can find to hang out with the ones far away from you. And the best part is if you are an Android user, the app is probably there on your smartphone. You can use this app to have a video conference with as much as 8 people at a time. Not only that, the app also allows you to have yourself live streamed at YouTube for any kind of On Air event.

  • Skype:

If you anything about Video calling, there’s pretty good chance that you’ve heard of this app. Skype is one of the most popular video calling apps for both PC as well as smartphones. Not only is Skype a great app to use, it is far much easy to operate than any other video calling app out there. And not only video but voice calling is also an option for Skype. The app is currently owned by Microsoft and is improving on its android version continuously. All you need is the Skype ID of the person you’d like to contact and Voila! Turn on your front camera and have fun with the easy and smooth video calling services of the app.

  • ooVoo:

As strange as its name sound, the app is quite simpler when it comes to video calling services. If you have any kind of issues with Skype or are simply bored of it and are looking for more apps, ooVoo is the first one you should try out. Not only on android, ooVoo is available for other mobile and PC platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS and Blackberry as well. An app is a great option for 1-on-1 video chat or any group video conference for a maximum of 8 people.

  • Fring:

When there’s an app that reaches that a hits the masses more successfully, there are some apps which are left ignored. Fring has to be a similar kind of app. The app has been there for quite some time but couldn’t gain much popularity as its contemporaries. While, when it comes to performance, the app is quite a decent option for video calling services. It provides you features like texting video calls, group video calls, and other free calls. Moreover, the app is also cross platform and works on the Symbian platform too! If you wish to explore video calling apps, Fring needs to be there on your list.

  • Tango:

What distinct Tango from another video calling apps in this list is that the app is simply fun to use. It allows you put statuses, changes themes and to other personalization stuff and it is all great. Not only on smartphones, but the app has a good reputation amongst tablets too. Not only that, the app has a distinct feature of having a group chat with as much as 50 participants at a time. Though that would need at least a 3G or a good WiFi connection for you to get what everyone’s saying

So, this is the best Android apps for video calling services and the best part is, they all are free, so enjoy.

Google Duo Apk For Android, iOS – Features of Google duo App

It seems like Google is focussing quite a lot on smartphones this year; first, we heard the rumors of Google’s own smartphone, and that in fact was true, after that, we also saw the introduction of some apps from Google for both Android and iOS, which google launched at this year’s I/O event. The company named their new video calling app as Google Duo.

With Microsoft’s Skype, and Apple’s Facetime, already dominating the market, it didn’t make much sense for Google to come up with its own video calling app unless it comes up with some revolutionary features. The idea of speaking to someone and watching them simultaneously has gotten so popular that even social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Hike, etc., have also launched this feature on their smartphone across all smartphone platforms. Anyway, let’s jump back to the topic and discuss the features of Google duo app, launched by Google for Android and iOS users.

Now, before we jump in and discuss the features of Google duo app, let us learn some other things about this new video calling application.

Google Duo: Android

If you are an Android user and your phone is running on Android 4.0 or lower version then sadly, you will not be able to run this application, the application supports Android v 4.1 (KitKat) and higher version. The Android file size of the Google Duo is around 12 MB, so compared to other video calling app, Google Duo doesn’t take too much space.


Google Duo: iOS

If you happen to be an iOS user, then you need to have a iOS device running iOS v 9.0 or higher version in order to run the Google Duo application. And, as far as the file size is concerned, the application takes around 44 MB.

With that being said, let’s talk about whether or not Google Duo is worth using, well you gotta think for once, Google launched the Duo because they know it could challenge all the existing dominating video calling app out there or else they would have never invested in such kind of app.

And that’s really the case; during testing the application, it seems to overcome both Apple’ Facetime and Microsoft’s Skype in terms of quality. Once the call starts, there is hardly any kind of drop, even in low-speed connection; the Google Duo seems to be a much better alternative

What makes Google Duo so easy to use is its interface, which might not be that good looking or complicated because it comes with a simple menu, which includes few buttons, but on the brighter side that’s what makes it so easy to use.


And, it’s not just the interface, the whole setup, and installation is quite simple. Once, you download this application and start the installation, all you need to do this give some permission to the app, and put up your phone number, a verification SMS will be sent to your phone, and that’s it you are done. Like other Video calling app, Duo doesn’t ask for any email or password, once you receive the code, it directly takes you to the interface. However, the only requirement is that the person you are calling must also have Duo installed on their smartphone.

Features of Google duo application:

The Google Duo comes with a lot of built-in features, which you should know about:

  • Interface: As mentioned before, the simple interface of this application also seems to be a stronger point of this application.
  • Knock Knock: Basically, this is a built-in feature, which you need to activate in order to use, once activated, the application will let you see the caller’s details through their Live preview screen just before they call.

google duo apk

  • Superior Video Quality: This is another plus point of the Duo application, which also gives it an upper hand over its competitors. The video quality seems to be very good compared to the video quality which we get to see in Skype and Facetime.

We hope you liked this post, please do share this post on social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Stumple Upon, etc., and also do share your views about the Google Duo app, by dropping your comments in the comment section below.

Download & Install Tango for PC, Laptop, Windows 7/8/8.1 for Free

Tango for PC is the PC version of the new Tango IM app available for almost all mobile devices running Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile operating systems. Tango for PC gives you the opportunity to settle this fantastic app on youPCpc or laptop.

Tango for PC is, along with Whatsapp for PC and WeChat for PC, one of the instant messaging app’s most successful. Currently, there are more than 100 million users worldwide who use Tango for PC to communicate with family and friends.

However, it is different from other applications, including Viber for PC. It not only allows you to send messages but also make voice calls and video calls completely free. In other words, Tango for PC is all in one application and completely free.

Download Tango for PC allows you to install this application on your computer in sync with your Smartphone, that is, all your contacts from your Smartphone can watch on your PC.

With this application, you can chat and send media files, but also allows you to make voice calls and video calls free between two Smartphones, between two computers or from a smartphone to a computer or from a PC to a Smartphone.

In addition to Tango, you’ll enjoy and have fun with their Surprises Tango (animations for your calls and messages), Games Tango (can play with friends during the call), Tango Cards (funny videos to share with your contacts) or Tango Avatars.

Tango is available for all major platforms:


Currently, this fantastic application is available for:
· Tango for Android
· Tango for iPhone
· Tango for Windows Mobile
· Tango for PC

Download and Install Tango for PC:

In this site we explain how to download and install the PC version of this fantastic app in your PC in two ways:

1) Tango PC (only voice calls): The creators of this app have developed the PC version having operating system Windows. Currently, there is no operating system version with MAC OS, but we are sure that developers are working on it so that soon we can all enjoy Tango PC. Currently only allows free voice calls.

We recommend this version for those who will be interested only voice calls either already dispongáis the app in your Smartphone. If you want to download this version of PC click on Tango Tango for PC voice calls.

2) Tango PC (full version): If you do not have a Smartphone or your computer is running Mac OS do not worry, because you can enjoy as all other users of this application to all possibilities, ie, chats, sending multimedia files, voice calls and video calls to PC. If you are interested in download full version PC click on Tango Tango for PCs without Smartphone.
Tango for PC is absolutely free

Tango PC is completely free and there is an extra charge on the phone bill. You can make voice calls and video calls with Tango and Tango send messages without having to pay more at the end of the month.

How to Protect Your Smartphone from virus or spyware

Protect Your Smartphone: Any device with internet access can be infected with a virus or trojan with ease and that includes both tablets and Smartphone. In computers, whether desktop or laptop, it is common to install an antivirus to protect the system and delete the infected files, but the mobile phone is not very common use.

The main objective of computer virus is not affecting the usability of the smartphone, that is, not often ‘die’ by a malware infection. However, hackers seek to obtain personal information through spyware files that collect all data from the phone and report to an external server.

Steps To Protect Your Smart Phone:

Thus, especially for users who have synchronised their bank or email accounts synchronised with the terminal, we recommend installing an antivirus application that detects and protects your device.

Depending on the Smartphone operating system ( Android or IOS) find different programs:

Android: In-store devices, Google Play, there are several applications for the protection of the terminal. Avast! Mobile Security, Kaspersky Mobile Security or Dr Web Anti-Virus is the most downloaded.

IOS: For iPhone, in any version, we must go to the App Store, a platform that collects all applications approved by Apple. Here the demands are Norton Antivirus, McAfee Global and Lookout Mobile Security. The last one also allows us to locate the phone.

As for Nokia devices that have an operating system of Windows Phone, these terminals do not require the installation of an antivirus because according to list the official forums of the company, before the Information downloaded the Zune program that examines whether the files are corrupted.

Swift, the new programming language Apple

Swift: As part of the launch of the Apple WWDC 2014 announcement Swift, the new programming language to build applications for iOS and OS X.Along with the new iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite announced at WWDC 2014 , Apple released a new programming language for both operating systems will replace Objective-C language that have been used in the past 20 years. His name is Swift .

Swift is a new programming language for building applications in iOS and OS X. It is based on the best of C and Objective-C without compatibility limitations also adopts patterns insurance program is completely native and has full support from XCode 6 beta.


Apple Swift, a new programming language for iOS:

Although any change tends to generate resistance, Apple has emphasized that the goal is to make life easier to developer . That is why Swift has features that meet this end, as a preview mode or playground that will preview the code running. In his demonstration, it was realized that Swift is writing requires less code to build an application.


Swift code can be edited in the frameworks Cocoa and Cocoa Touch . On the other hand ensures that it will be much faster than Objective-C because it combines the performance and efficiency of compiled languages ​​with the simplicity and interactivity of popular languages ​​scripting . It is optimized to maximize the capabilities of your OS X and iOS devices.

You can start using Swift today , both to improve and implement new features to your existing applications, this thanks to the Swift and Objective-C code can coexist without problems . This is convenient for developers because they can update your code gradually rather than replace it altogether. You can also write new applications, but you must wait for the launch of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite in autumn to publish on the App Store and Mac App Store respectively.

For more information please visit Swift your site or download the manual for free from iTunes to your computer or iBooks on your iOS devices. This manual includes a tour of the language that will allow you to delve into each of its features.