Google Play Store Apk Latest Version Free Download for Android

Google play store is the official app store for Android OS that offers lots of apps, games to download and install directly on the android device. It is also known as a digital media store and digital distribution service, developed by Google. Google play store offers its users the huge number of videos and music and movies, files to browse and download as well. Here, users can get million of free apps as well as purchase app, which are via various categories.

Google Play is also known as the Android apps market. Now, there are many sites where you can download Google Play store. So, if you are ready to get Google Play Store then, in this post, I will tell you how to download Google Play Store for free. But nowadays, many Smartphone has inbuilt  Google Play store inbuilt.  Therefore, it is crucial to check your device before you download that whether the Google play store is pre-installed or not.

However, have a look regarding how to download the Google Play store on your Android device, but before that let’s have a quick look on important features of Google Play store.

Important Features of Google Play Store:

Google Play Store APK Download

The below-given points are the important features of Google play store that makes it the main Android apps market.

  • It let you find better trustworthy apps to download and install with the help of people selection
  • It has lots of apps, game with different categories, so, you can just select any app you want to download and install
  • You can download music files, videos, movies on your device
  • Google Play Store allow users to update the installed app

How to Download Google Play Store APK

Here are the steps to download Google Play Store APK on Android device. These steps are also very suitable for users who already have the Google Play store already on their device.

  • First, go to setting option on your Android device and open the Google play store option to check the version of your Android OS.
  • Now, if your device operating system is Android version 2.3 or above, you are free to download the Google play store
  • Now, go to Google and search for the Google play store
  • After just the search is completed, you will see many sites on your screen
  • Then, open any of the sites, and you will see Download option, just tap on the download option, and gradually the downloading will begin. But make sure that you download the Google play store APK file from trusted the site.
  • Now, wait for some time, and if the downloading is completed, you can install the APK file on your device.

How to install Google play store APK

Now, to install Google Play store on your Android device, follow the below-given steps.

  • First of all, you need to enable the Unknown source to install the Google play store on your android device.
  • Now, go to your device setting option and security option and select the Unknown Source option and hit the enable.
  • After that comes to your memory storage and find out the downloaded Google play store APK file where it is located.
  • Then, if you finish to find the Downloaded file, open the file to install
  • As soon as you open the file, you will be asked with two options like “Yes and No.” Just tap on yes option, and gradually the installation will proceed.
  • Now, you need to wait for some time until the installation is completed
  • Once the installation completed, you will see Google Play Store Icon on your device menu, now, what you need to do is that tap on that icon, and you are free to enjoy Google Play store on your device.

These are the steps to download and install Google Play Store APK on Android device.I have also listed some of the important features of Google Play store. So, I hope the above provided steps give you a good solution to get the play store on your device. Hence, if you face any issue regarding the installation or downloading then use the comment box given below to share your problem.

Features of Whatsapp video calling vs Facetime application

WhatsApp has officially launched the video calling, and the feature is now being rolled out to all the operating System Android, iPhone, and the Windows users. Updated WhatsApp with support for video calling for Android and iPhone has officially been released, so the user just simply needs to update the feature to make their first video call. If the user iOS or Android device is not set to receive automatic updates, or if they are not sure if WhatsApp has been updated, simply go to the App Store or Google Play store and check for updates which are available.

How to get WhatsApp video calling feature:

The WhatsApp video calling feature was recently introduced by the company officially for Android and Windows device. To allow WhatsApp video calling feature simply, follow these steps to enable the WhatsApp video calling on the Android device:

Whatsapp video calling vs Facetime application

  • Open the Google Play and search for the WhatsApp
  • Open WhatsApp’s Google Play listing
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • In the content, there is written, that says Become a beta tester tap on I’M IN.
  • Confirm on the next screen and wait for a several minute
  • Come back to WhatsApp listing page on the Google Play
  • Then the user must see an option to Update WhatsApp to beta version
  • Update the app
  • And now finally enjoy the video calling feature of the WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp video calling:

  • The app allows video calling with the low data usage facility.
  • The user can do the WhatsApp at any time.
  • The video calling is allowed on 2G, 3G, 4G and the wifi.
  • The user can make video calling to the person to who is sitting at the other corner of the globe.

Facetime has a built-in video calling feature which allows the users to make a video call with their family and friends. This app is mainly built for iOS devices but now it is available for all the operating system platforms.

Features of the Facetime application:

  • The facetime is the Best Video and Audio Calling Application and is also loved by the millions of people around the globe.
  • There is no network problem occurred while having the video calling.
  • The application supports the High Definition Video Calling Feature
  • Natural and Smooth both the Audio and Video Calling
  • There is no technical knowledge required to use the FaceTime Application video calling feature.
  • It is free of cost and that makes it the preferred choice for the international calls.
  • The application has a very simple user graphical interface, which makes it user-friendly to use.
  • If the user wants to show the person at the other end what they are seeing, then they can make use of their primary rear camera through the Facetime application.
  • It allows making a video conference calls with a group of friends at the same time.


Whatsapp video calling is just introduced by the company officially so sometimes, the app starts showing bugs in video calling but the facetime is merely built with the video calling feature so this application is loved by the millions of people and this application comes as a default application in an iOS device.

Download Kik Messenger for Windows PC / Mac / iOS / Android

Kik Messenger is the instant email program used by millions of people around the world on their mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Symbian is free, no cost and we also have alternatives to using Kik Messenger for PC. Kik offers instant email and text and also enables users to share photographs, sketches, voice messages and other content. The system requires each user to register a username as identification.

Kik is a messenger app that enables you to connect to people’s online and you can use this app by having your device connected to the internet. Kik is an amazing platform that enables users to connect with friends and even to peoples whom you don’t know. Kik is almost similar to Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat, etc but you don’t need any phone number to contact with your desired ones here.

This application just enables you to meet new friends, and you can share pictures, videos, games and much more with this app. So, Kik messaging app is completely flexible and user-friendly which you can now easily get for your Android, Windows, and IOS operating system. To know more about the features and login procedures of Kik, keep reading this post till the end.

Features of Kik:

There are various impressive features that Kik has come up with and some of them are as follows:

Kik For PC - Download Kik Messenger for Windows PC / Mac

  • You can easily create an account to start using Kik messenger by registering yourself in the official website of Kik.
  • Set a profile picture of your personal account and then start chatting with people’s instantly.
  • You can create a group within the Kik app by adding some of the peoples you want and then make a group conversation.
  • The conversation history is saved within the app, and you can check it out anytime and there is a provision for both individual and group chat.
  • Kik app has a Kik bots which are easy to operate and use in a group chatting to make the conversation more creative.
  • You can send emojis, GIF’s, pictures easily through Kik to anyone easily.
  • The Kik app is easy to set up and easy to exchange messages and interacting with Kik bots is also easy.
  • You will receive a notification when your message is sent successfully and when you receive messages as well.
  • You can now exchange videos with anyone and make your conversation more peculiar and interesting.
  • You can meet new friends and make friends with them within the app itself by exchanging messages.
  • There are various interesting stickers which are available in Kik messenger app, and you can use those stickers to make your chatting more lively.
  • When you have several things to say in a row, chat bubbles will appear which will group it together for you.

How to Login to Kik?

To log into Kik application, you first need to have your own account, and for creating an account you can follow some of the steps mentioned below:

  • You can go to the official website of Kik through your internet browser, where you will find a registration page.
  • Now, you will be required to enter a username, password, email ID and profile picture of your own.
  • You can download the app or else you can access the app by logging it from your browser as well.
  • So, your account is set up already and you can log in to your account by entering a password which you have created for the account.

Download Kik Messenger for Windows PC:


Since your mail application was created for mobile devices, even there is no official application for computers, but it is not something that can be solved using a free emulator on your computer. For PC users, you can follow the given steps below to log in the app without downloading the app:

  • First of all, you need to have an Android emulator BlueStacks which will do most of the things for you.
  • Now open your BlueStacks and download the latest Kik Messenger Apk and sign up for a subscription.
  • You can now upload the Kik Apk file to BlueStacks and choose a screen resolution which you are comfortable with.
  • Launch the app using the “Launch With” button and search the Kik Apk to let the uploading commerce.
  • Now a green icon will appear and you can log in to the messenger with your username and password.
  • You can now sync your accounts through multiple devices and start chatting with your favorite friends.
  • So, you can now contact to your favorite people through your PC, without downloading the software.


There is no doubt that Kik is an amazing messaging platform and it is one of the most advanced messaging platforms which you can get for improving your connection with friends. I hope you liked some of the features that I mentioned above in this post and the login steps as well. So, if you find the app useful, then you can easily follow the procedures mentioned above and experience its awesome messaging service.

Install and Download Terrarium TV App For Android Devices

The Terrarium TV app is an app for android devices that provides TV shows, serials etc. on the go in smartphones. It also provides movies too. The app allows the users to stream through the contents (serials, TV shows, movies, etc.more easier) on the mobile device itself, or the users can also download their desired contents for free.

This is such a wonderful app that enables the users to do their other important works without any worries of missing out their favorite TV shows. It makes easier. But the Terranium TV app is not yet available in Google PlayStore as yet.

Features Terrarium TV:

  • The Terrarium TV app provides full HD videos, which is a very good thing. Because high definition quality videos provide better clarity & make the video more sharper, which ultimately enhances the video watching experience.
  • The app & the contents that it provides all comes for free. Everybody likes anything that comes for free, so this is a very good thing that the developers have done in order to entertain us plus no price fixed for it.
  • There is another very important feature added to the app & that’s the offline mode. Now, what happens in the offline mode is that the user can download any video content of his or her choice & download it absolutely for free, which will, of course, cost him data charges. But that particular content would be easily available to him anytime, even when the data connection of his device is off.
  • The developers of the Terrarium TV have also thought about the different languages that people prefer to listen to. So, subtitles of different languages are available to the users belonging to different regions of the world.


  • Also, there are options for storing the downloaded video contents as well. The Google Drive is the most preferred storage drive that is offered regarding HD & full HD.
  • A numerous quality videos & movies. In other words, an app that you can have fun for a very longer period of time. There is absolutely no limitation of the number of videos & movies that you can download & watch.
  • Different genres specified very clearly for the purpose of an easy selection. Once you enter the app, you will very easily find your desired video or movie without having any problems.
  • The app automatically detects the video or movie that have been watched.

How to download and install Terrarium TV?

The Terrarium TV app is an app for Android OS devices, so there are very fewer chances of it being supported elsewhere. The following steps will help you in installing the Terranium app in your device.

  • First of all, you have to get the apk file from the hosting website.
  • Go to the settings of your Android device & enable the unknown sources, so that the apk gets installed in your device.
  • Tap on the apk file, click on the install option & wait till the apk file gets installed.
  • A message will be displayed, which will confirm the installation.
  • Go ahead & enjoy the app.

For iOS users, the app is not yet available, but some other alternatives can be used in place of that.

Demerits of Terrarium TV app:

  • The downloaded videos & movies are in WEB.DL format, hence, not all the subtitles are supported.
  • The Terrarium TV app can be run by using only the MX Player (another app for playing audio & video files).
  • Sometimes the app freezes, which hampers the usage of the device properly.

The Terrarium TV app is one of the best sources of watching all the televised shows on the go. The app not only helps in watching only the TV shows but also is a platform to get high definition movies as well.

In the present day, it is almost impossible for any servicemen to sit in a particular place & enjoy all the basic things of life. So that is when this Terrarium TV app comes to play. The app offers so many good features to its users that it’s simply irresistible not to use this app.

If we look at it from another angle, the app sure does have some few defects in it, but that can be considered as exceptions. I would surely suggest you all use it for sure.

IMO Apk Download For Android | IMO App for Windows PC, iOS

IMO provides free video calling for its users and is getting huge popularity worldwide. The chatting features of this application are awesome and due to which it had gained a lot of users in the recent times. Among all the video calling applications IMO has gained a lot of popularity and now it falls under trending apps category.

With the use of IMO, you can easily chat, voice call or video call your friends and families. This app is absolutely free to use and is currently available for iOS and android users. It can be called as an alternative for various instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, hike etc. but it has lots of more advantages than these instant messaging apps.

This app lets you do unlimited video calls and that too for free. Using the Imo app you can even make free voice calls using Imo app. In this article, we will discuss the features of the Imo app and the ways to download it on your android device and windows PC. The best part of this application is video calling facility works even on slow network connections.

This application is available for both iOS and android devices and the best part is any device users can video call to any other device user and that too for free. For enhancing the chatting experience and the increasing the fun there are hundreds of free stickers included in the app. The app is perfectly secured with the new encryption capabilities. We will see below the steps for downloading the Imo application.

How to Download IMO app For Android Devices:

IMO app download: a perfect video calling application

Here we will see the ways of downloading and installing the Imo application on your android device and also on your PC. IMO application is available on Google play store and also on various third party app markets. So basically there are two methods for downloading the Imo app on your android device.

Method 1: Google play store

The steps for downloading the Imo app directly from the Google play store you have to follow few simple steps:

  • Open the application of Google play store on your android device.
  • Search the Imo app in play store and click on the install button.
  • The installation process of Imo application will begin and the app will be installed on your android device.
  • After the successful installation of the app, Icon of Imo will be seen on your android device.

Method 2: Imo apk file

The other method to download the Imo application on your android device is to download apk file from the various third-party app store. The steps related with the downloading and installing the apk from third-party market are:

  • Download the apk file of the application from various third-party app stores available over the market. But it is recommended to download the apk from the official site of IMO.
  • Once the apk is downloaded, click on the file to install it on your android device.
  • A pop-up message will be seen before the start of the installation process, it will for allowing the installation of apps from unknown sources. To change it you have to go to security setting of your device and have to allow the installation from unknown sources.
  • After some time the installation of the apk will start and as the installation process gets successful. You can see the icon of Imo app on your device.

Download and install IMO app on windows PC:

Any app which is made for android devices can be easily used for windows PC. You have to follow some simple steps to install the Imo app on your windows PC. The steps are as follows:

IMO app download: a perfect video calling application

  • First, you need to download the Bluestacks app emulator on your PC and install the emulator on your device.
  • After that download the Imo apk file from the internet.
  • Right click on the apk file and select install on blue stacks and your Imo installation process will begin on the emulator.
  • After the successful installation the file, you can find the Imo app on the home screen of Bluestacks.

Features of Imo app:

There are lots of interesting and unique features associated with the Imo application which makes it extremely popular among the users. Some of the important features of the application are as follows:

  • The calls and chats are fully encrypted to provide you privacy protection.
  • Lots of stickers are there for making your chats more fun.
  • Voice calls are very clear and there are no disturbances.
  • Using the app you can make any number of voice and video calls and also the message.
  • Even with slow internet connection high-quality video calls are possible.
  • The user interface is quite easy and simple to understand.
  • The receiving and sending of calls and messages are fast in comparison to other messaging apps.


This article was based on providing the download process of Imo application. This application is very much in trends due to its lifelike video quality.

ICSE 10th Result 2017 | CISCE 10th Time Table, Exam Date @

ICSE 10th Result 2017: Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations which is shortly known as CISCE is the education board at a central level like CBSE or other similar boards. The CISCE Board came into existence in the year 1958. It is the most famous board that conducts ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) exam every year for particular students.

It is a non-governmental and private board for education at school level in the country India for 10th class. The board came into life mainly for conducting the examinations for common education in the schools of the respective states. The private students are not allowed to write this exam. Along with this, the board also conducts Indian School Certificate Exam annually for the eligible students or candidates.

As a part of conducting the exams every year, the Council for The Indian Certificate Examinations board has conducted the ICSE 10th class examinations from 29th February 2017 to 31st March 2017 for all the students who are pursuing 10th under ICSE i.e., as per the schedule assigned by the board previously before. All the students have appeared for the exams from different states at different examination centers.

All the candidates who have appeared in the ICSE 10th exams for this year are eagerly waiting for the issue of results. But, it is known as per the reports that, CISCE will be issuing the 10th results 2017 of ICSE by the mid of May 2017 in the online official site The exact date of the results announcement is not yet declared and soon the board will issue those details. So, till then students be patient and wait for updates.

CISCE ICSE 10th Exam Results 2017 @


Every year, the pass percentage of the students appearing in the ICSE 10th exams is improving though the number of students writing the exam is low. Last year the overall pass percentage of 1 lakh students appeared in the exam was 98 and this year as the students count is increased, it is expected that the pass percentage will even more improve. But, we have to wait for the exact details and they will be available only after the results are issued by the board.

After the 10th results of ICSE are published on the official site, there are two methods getting the results on the online website. One is, through the direct link that we provide here of the ICSE 10th Results 2017 by which you can navigate to the official ICSE results web page directly. Next, you need to select your course, give your UID along with the captcha and tap on “Show Result” for displaying your ICSE 10th results 2017 on the screen.

Latest Update: ICSE 10th Results 2017 will be issued on mid of May 2017 (Tentatively). Press CTRL+D and visit for more updates.

Another method is to get the ICSE 10th Results 2017 to your mobile and this is by sending the code, Mobile SMS ICSE<Space><Unique Id> or the else similar code to the numbers that CISCE board will issue after the results are published on the official site. To know the details wait until results are out and here we will update the information regarding this mobile result.

Showbox App Download For PC, Windows (7,8,8.1) & iPhone

Showbox is one of the best applications for broadcasting programs and movies that are on the market. This application has a large repertoire of shows and movies on demand as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and much more, plus you can see them not only online but you can also download them. Definitely, a great application that will be available from your Smartphone and now Windows.

One of its main features is its library of content making it stand out against other applications besides it is not an application of pay. Its interface is very easy to use so find your chapters of Game of Thrones quickly and smoothly. You can choose the image quality according to the needs of your team.

There are many streaming applications programs but due to copyright not many offer a large catalog, which is why Showbox apk is one of the best to this day, its content is large and contains many of the most popular programs plus all that and more now have available on your PC making it a great entertainment system without paying as other applications.

Showbox For PC or Laptop On Windows 8/8.1/7:

The software which I was talking about to run apps is usually called Emulator, here we are emulating the Android apps so, we’ll call it as Android emulator. The best one among so many emulators is BlueStacks.

Uses of BlueStacks: One is free of cost and the second thing is its miniature size resulting to a quick download. You can click on the below link to download this software.

Download Showbox For Laptop/PC In Windows 8.1/8/7:

We can’t install this Showbox app straight off. First, we need to download the Apk file of Showbox and then install it with BlueStacks. So, first do the download of Apk file, this is a file of less size (2 MB) and free for downloading. Do download the Apk file and come back here again for the rest of the process. Click on the below link download Apk file.

Now follow below 2 steps to do the installation of Showbox:

1) Open the Apk file with BlueStacks (BlueStacks Apk Handler).

2) If you do the above step, Showbox will be automatically installed in BlueStacks.

Showbox App Download For Windows PC/Laptop:

  • After installing this app in your BlueStacks, now see how to open or use Showbox app in your laptop or computer.
  • Look at this single step to open Showbox.
  • To open Showbox, walk into all apps and you’ll perceive the app there. Check out the below two images.
  • Those are the two quite simple steps to open or run the Showbox application. There is nothing to do, just giving a click.

Now Showbox can be used in our computer or laptop very easily. Probably said you can also use and download Showbox for iPhone, Mac PC, and iPad.

That’s it, now you are ready to use Showbox. I believe you’ve made it easy to download Showbox for PC on Windows 8.1/7 or Windows 8 laptop. Also don’t miss out the chance to download Showbox on Mac, in case if you use Mac. If you want to inquire anything or give advice’s about this topic, you can post your views in the form of comments below here.

Please do share our article with your friends and family, if you have successfully downloaded and installed Showbox on your PC windows.

Showbox for iPhone:

if you are a user of iPhone then you can download this Showbox for iPhone, all you need is you should download the blue stacks app and Showbox apk file from the above article and use it.

New iPhone 8 2017 to include Wireless Charging Feature

Apple has been working in the long range wireless charging which is a new technology. There is a rumor that this technology will be added in the upcoming iPhone 8. Long range wireless technology means you can charge your phone by placing the phone 20m away from the charger. The distance is very high and new technology for it.

There is some destruction while adding the new technologies in the iPhone 8. There will be a loss of huge power transfer efficiency while doing this. Actually, there will be the distance between the transmitter and the receiver is smaller than it needs lesser power loss while it increases the power loss also increases. So, this problem causes the battery those stay away from the charging source are going to charge more slowly than before.

Wireless Charging Feature will be Added to iPhone 8:

Apart from this, there are even big rumors like iPhone 8 is being made up of wireless charging. iDropNew covered this story and says that the iPhone upcoming series is going to have wireless charging. They are already on the way with Energous and Dialog Semiconductor which helps to use this technology. So, iPhone 8 is completed as per the date and there will be an edge to edge display and complete modern design. The leaked pictures say that Bezels have been completely removed and the edge-to-edge display has been wrapped up. According to iDropnews iPhone 8 could feature curved plastic OLED Display & New Touch Technology.

Wireless Charging Feature will be Added to iPhone 8

According to the Apple manufacture devices and the partner, Foxconn is currently busy in the developing of charging modules. So, they are in the preparation of new Apple series. So, there is, even more, the happiest news is that the iPhone is planning to add the wireless charge feature to all upcoming models of iPhone. Now it will be added to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Apart from that iPhone 7 Plus has an exclusive camera.

Apple has bought new engineers who work on wireless charging technical field in this month and that says us that they are working on this feature to add in the upcoming year. You might know that the Apple has been removed the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 model.

Now, this wireless charging technology will be added in iPhone 2017. Apart from that the iPhone 2017 is going to have the glass case bodied because the wireless charging functionality is ultimate where the aluminum doesn’t accept the charge fast.

There is news reported that the Apple wants to get the wireless charging chips then they are looking for suppliers. The news even reports that the wireless charging feature can be enabled through the using the case or with any other iPhone product, you can’t build it into iPhone.

You might know the manufacturing partner of iPhone Foxconn is also testing the wireless charging modules which will be intended in 2017 iPhone. We need to wait whether these features will be added in the upcoming models of iPhone. Foxconn is ready to boost the yield rate.


So, finally, here we will say that the new iPhones will have the wireless charging feature in upcoming years and they may include in the 4.7-inch model and 5.5-inch mode. Finally even in the OLED model.

Top GM (General Motors) Diet Plan 2017 Guide for 7 Days

Many people are not aware of the term ‘GM Diet Plan.’ GM diet plan is basically a diet plan introduced by the General Motors. General Motors are very conscious about the health of their employees, so they introduced this diet plan. They started this plan to help their employees in losing weight but slowly this diet plan became very popular, and people knows this diet plan as ‘GM Diet Plan.’

Most of the people don’t know properly about the diet plan or how to perform it properly. GM Diet Plan is basically a seven days weight loss program. In first three days, you need to eat fruit and vegetables with high fiber and less protein, fat, and carbohydrate. Here I am going to discuss about step by step procedure of top GM diet plan for 7 days.

Top GM diet plan For 7 Days:

Day1: Day of fruits

In the 1st day of GM diet plan you need to eat only fruits. You can eat fruits except for banana, mango, litchi and grapes. Preferable fruits are lime, watermelon, orange, pomegranates, apples, strawberries and melons. You can consume fruits as much as you can.

Day2: Day of vegetables

On the 2nd day of GM diet plan, you can eat vegetables only, whether they are raw or boiled. It will be better if you start your day with a baked potato with a little bit of butter. Preferable foods are potato, cabbage, onion, cucumber, carrot, broccoli, green beans, and beet.

top GM diet plan for 7 days

Day3: day of Fruit and Vegetables

On the third day, you need to combine the goods you took in first 2 days. There is no limitation on eating. You need to eat an apple, cantaloupe, pineapples, pear, onion, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, grape, orange, guava, pear, broccoli, raw papaya, beet and plenty of water.

Day4: Day of Milk and Banana

On day 4 you must concentrate on eating bananas. You must eat minimum 6 bananas this day along with 4 glasses of milk. Apart from banana, you can take vegetable soup made of carrot, cabbage, and onions. You must drink 8-10 glass of water.

Day5: Day of Protein

On the 5th day, you need to have some high protein foods. For protein, you can have sprouts, cottage cheese, tomatoes, red kidney beans, lemons, one cup curd, brown rice, palak paneer, and salad.

Day6: Say no to Tomato Day

This day you can’t eat tomatoes. You need to eat foods that will give you fiber and vitamin. You can eat mix boiled vegetables, cooked brown rice, apple, and lemon juice.

Day7: Day of Meal

7th and the last day is meal day. On this day you can have bread and brown rice if you want you can add some fresh fruit juice too. Apart from these, you can have barriers, melon, and guavas.


Apart from the foods you must maintain a time table for your diet. If you don’t maintain a proper chart then all the dieting process will be in vein. On this 7 days diet program, everyday you have to drink minimum 10 glass of water. If you can do all these diet properly then you will lose some weight for sure.

Download Hike for PC, Windows 7/8, Android and iPhone

Hike messaging app is one of those Messaging Apps that is available free of cost. Hike messaging app is a cross-platform messaging service. This app is similar to other messaging apps as well but the main advantage of this app is that it will allow messaging to your friends even if they have not installed the App on their smartphone. This feature will help for the users to chat with their friends even if they do not have the internet connection.

Hike is the best and the most popular free messaging app for the smartphone users. This is the best alternative application for Whatsapp online texting service. The hike app was officially launched in December 2012 and now it has more than around 35 Million monthly active users. Hike provides the secure instant messaging service and you can also able to attach any type of videos and files of 100 Mb each. It also allows the user to chat with offline hike users and you can also send free SMS to Non-Hike users across the India. The user can use regional stickers to express their feeling which makes their conversation more exciting and interesting.

Features of Hike:

  • HIKE DIRECT: Chat and share files without using the internet and zero data charges in the classrooms, while traveling, pretty much anywhere within 100 meters range of a friend! Just open a chat, go to the 3 Dot menu and click Hike Direct to use this amazing feature.
  • HIDDEN MODE: An awesome and amazing feature which allows the user to hide all their private chats from the world and access them only with a password! The user private conversations are now protected and secure from anyone who takes their phone.
  • 5000+ FREE STICKERS: Why say when the person is angry when you can show it? When words can’t express it, say it with hike amazing stickers! Share hundreds of awesome, hilarious and fun stickers with your friends! With the wide and the largest collection of Indian regional stickers in over and around 30 regional languages, say more with stickers in your language!
  • SHARE DOCUMENTS & FILES: Why email when you can send practically anything and everything on Hike! Send unlimited messages of many kinds of non-media documents and files of any format and size like PDF, ZIP, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, APKs, MP3s and much much more!
  • GROUP CHATS: Create groups of friends with up to 1000 member so the user can easily stay in touch with those who matter them most!
  • CHAT THEMES: What is a romantic date without even a romantic candle-light dinner? Boring! With the exclusive two-way chat themes, set the mood to pour your heart out. The user can set their chat theme according to their preference.
  • FREE HIKE CALLS: Talk as long as the user wants with their friends and family using the hike with HD sound quality. Calls are made over 2G, 3G, 4G & Wi-Fi in around 200 countries!
  • FREE GROUP CALLS: the hike application provides conference calls up to 100 people at once!

Download Hike for PC:

You just have to follow these simple guide perfectly to install the hike messenger for PC. Officially the Desktop version of Hike is not released so you need to use the Bluestacks app player on the PC. Bluestacks is the free android emulator which helps the user to run their favorite mobile application on the PC.

  • First, let’s download and install the Bluestacks application for PC from the official website.
  • After installation of the app open the Bluestacks app player.
  • Now search for “Hike” in Bluestacks search bar which is merely located in the top left corner of the Bluestacks.
  • Now the user sees the Hike application, click on it and then tap on install button.
  • Wait for few seconds the Hike application will download and install in the Bluestacks automatically.

After completing the above procedure successfully then just go to Bluestacks application > All Apps and click and hike app and start using the best online texting service on the computer.

Download Hike for Windows (7,8) Using the Android Apk:

If the user faced any difficulty to install or Download Hike for PC using the Bluestacks app player, then they can complete the installation using this Android apk application method.

  • Install and Open the Bluestacks app player on the PC.
  • Now search for the “Hike.apk” in Google and download the apk file or the user can download Hike Apk file directly from the hike official website
  • After that double tap on the downloaded file, if it does not work do right click of the mouse and open with Bluestacks manually.
  • This Hike app will install itself in the Bluestacks application player.
  • Now the user has successfully installed the best free messaging app on their PC. Just go to Bluestacks application and start using their favorite hike app which provides the secure instant messaging service.

Hike download for Android:

hike for android

  • The user has to firstly go to the Playstore of their android device.
  • After that, open the play store of the device, the user has to search for the hike app in the search box.
  • The first option which comes is the official hike app.
  • Just simply open it and tap on install. It hardly takes few minutes to download.
  • Now enjoy, using hike on the android device.

Hike download for iPhone:

  • Firstly, the user has to go to the app store on their iOS device.
  • The next step for the user to search for the hike app in the search box.
  • The very first search result which comes is the official hike app.
  • Just open it and tap on install. It takes a while to download.
  • Now enjoy, using hike on the iOS device.

The Hike application is the fastest growing messaging application with over 30 millions of active users. The hike application provides free of cost to its users. And is made by the Indian’s youth.