5 Best Free Video Calling & Chat Apps for Android Devices

As the technology advanced, communication became easier as well as more fun. From the times of handwritten letter to thumb-typed texts, things changed drastically within a short span of time. And now are the times of online video chats.

Who would want to waste time choosing the right emoji after writing a long text, when you can just see each other and talk face to face? But that said, the true fun of video calling resides in the application you use for it.

Cause, of course, you would definitely not want your video chat to be like still pictures switching every 10 seconds or more! And not only the flow but the video clarity, ease of use etc. also play equally important roles.

Moreover, when it comes to Video calling through an Android phone, we have quite a great range of options. So, why not choose the best when you have a choice?

Following is the list of 5 best Video calling applications for the Android platform:

  • Hangouts:

It’s Android of course. How can we place any app above the official Hangout app?There is undoubtedly no doubt about this app being the first in this list. Hangout is pretty much relevant to what its name suggests. When it comes to Android, it is the best app one can find to hang out with the ones far away from you. And the best part is if you are an Android user, the app is probably there on your smartphone. You can use this app to have a video conference with as much as 8 people at a time. Not only that, the app also allows you to have yourself live streamed at YouTube for any kind of On Air event.

  • Skype:

If you anything about Video calling, there’s pretty good chance that you’ve heard of this app. Skype is one of the most popular video calling apps for both PC as well as smartphones. Not only is Skype a great app to use, it is far much easy to operate than any other video calling app out there. And not only video but voice calling is also an option for Skype. The app is currently owned by Microsoft and is improving on its android version continuously. All you need is the Skype ID of the person you’d like to contact and Voila! Turn on your front camera and have fun with the easy and smooth video calling services of the app.

  • ooVoo:

As strange as its name sound, the app is quite simpler when it comes to video calling services. If you have any kind of issues with Skype or are simply bored of it and are looking for more apps, ooVoo is the first one you should try out. Not only on android, ooVoo is available for other mobile and PC platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS and Blackberry as well. An app is a great option for 1-on-1 video chat or any group video conference for a maximum of 8 people.

  • Fring:

When there’s an app that reaches that a hits the masses more successfully, there are some apps which are left ignored. Fring has to be a similar kind of app. The app has been there for quite some time but couldn’t gain much popularity as its contemporaries. While, when it comes to performance, the app is quite a decent option for video calling services. It provides you features like texting video calls, group video calls, and other free calls. Moreover, the app is also cross platform and works on the Symbian platform too! If you wish to explore video calling apps, Fring needs to be there on your list.

  • Tango:

What distinct Tango from another video calling apps in this list is that the app is simply fun to use. It allows you put statuses, changes themes and to other personalization stuff and it is all great. Not only on smartphones, but the app has a good reputation amongst tablets too. Not only that, the app has a distinct feature of having a group chat with as much as 50 participants at a time. Though that would need at least a 3G or a good WiFi connection for you to get what everyone’s saying

So, this is the best Android apps for video calling services and the best part is, they all are free, so enjoy.

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